Boat mechanic jobs

Specialized to fibreglass

I do a wide range of boat and marine related jobs, but Im specialized in fibrerglass jobs. For boat industry companies and private boat owners. 


Hull damages. Yamaha VX Jetskis

One jetski had bad grounding at high speed and other one was driven towards the pier. Grounded one had pretty deep damages. Lot of rotten fibreglass and foam had to remove. Repairs was made using 2-component PU-foam and biaxial glass with epoxy resin. Did not need to use filler, just a little bit of  putty. Surfaces made with 2-component paint / black gelcoat

New center console. Vator 17 r

Old small side console was breaking and customer wanted new custom build center console. New console was designed with CAD software. Then ”cut and glue” the foam pieces together and laminated whole console by hand with 2x450g/mm2 CMS glass and polyester resin. Behind the steering wheel i laminated some plywood and extra fibreglass layers. Also new chart plotter, hydraulic steering and elecricity was installed.​

Almost full renovation. Vator 140 tl

Old classic from 1970’s. Transom and all structures in bottom was very wet and rotten. No wonder, they were made of bare plywood with only strips of half dry fibreglass. I made big structural renovation. Transom was made using 2 x 18mm birch plywood and floor with 10mm plywood. Both were made with proper belevs so there is no wooden edges. Not going to get wet! Stringes 100% fibreglass. 0% organic!

Center console tuning & upgrade

Old piece of flat acryl plexiglass was removed from hinged hatch and custom fibreglass ”dashboard” was builded to fit the gauges and new chart plotter. Clean and proper installation.

+ Many many other projects

Custom adapter for hydraulic steering, many transoms builds, custom subwoofer reflect port… List goes on and on…