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Unique experiences at Finnish archipelago

What we do?

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Yacht Charter

Don't own a boat but still want to go boating? We can do that also. Book your experience online or hit a message and we will customize the yachting.


Events & Happenings

Boating around not enought? Lets have some custom package! Limousine ride, jetski safari, seaside sauna and finally some yachting with dinner & wine tasting

Who we are?

Actually there is not we, its just me. And my name reads down there. So i am the guy behind this. Idea of being entrepreneur have been around about 10 years. Finally i grow some balls and made a move. I figured out the thing where im good already and what i like (love) to do. This is where i have the natural genuine interest. And some facts also, how i can say im good with boats? Uh. Where to start. I grow up in sailboat and used to race with dinghies and later with pretty fast keelboats. At that time i used to study boatbuilding(repair) too, at Kirkkonummi. In the army 1/10 i became boat driver sergeant. The some work work work and back to school, Kotka university of applied sciences. To the "captain class". So its was, studying. And some work, and more study. Then i dropped out from school. Had no motivation and didn't see future to work on international cargo ship industry. Still got some papers and certificates out from school. I have worked at oil tankers, general cargo and container vessels. Those jobs have taught me the the importance of preparing. Be prepared for everything and minimize the risk of humanity error. And one more thing, all boats we operate and manage have insured and the company have liability insurances.
Ville Ulmanen
CEO, & Founder

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